How to make wine at home



If you like wine and have time and desire, you can make your own wine at home. You will only need grapes, sugar, yeast and water. With a little patience and in just two weeks you will get your own wine. we teach you how to make homemade wine. Follow these steps and enjoy a good wine made by yourself.

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To make your own wine you can choose black, green or amber grapes. Whatever the type of grape, you will surely make a good wine that can delight any palate.

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Prepare two kilos of grapes Remove the tails and stems. Once ready, mash them. You can do it with your hands or use a mortar. Use a cube to perform this process.

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Heat water. Once it is boiling, pour it over the grapes. Let the grapes soak some 48 hours, approximately.


After two days, strain the grapes. The juice you extract from them, pass it through a gauze filter.


Drain the grapes well. Use a drainer or strainer. Then add one and a half kilograms of sugar.


Mix the grapes with the sugar. It must be well dissolved, so you will need a lot of time and patience. Remove the well juice so that the sugar dissolves well. Remember: you must move the mixture a couple of times a day.

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Once you're done with the sugar, you can add some to the mix 30 grams of yeast. Stir well so that it is dissolved. Do not try to speed up the process of fermentation raising the temperature, this will harm the wine.

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Seal the mixture and let it ferment for two weeks. Once past this time you can bottle your own wine and drink it when you feel like it.

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  • Remember that it is not legal to sell the wine made in your own home, nor can you distill it.
  • If you want to use old corks, boil them before using them. It also sterilizes the bottles or jars where you are going to pack the wine. It is also advisable to use metal containers.
  • You need to add sugar progressively and write down amounts and times to keep track. Remember that it is preferable to make dry wine, so you will always be in time to add sweetness.